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OQUDA is the first Market Network platform in the educational recruiting vertical, a provider of international educational programs and a developer of solutions to increase sales through local educational agencies with the provision of automated back office tools.

The project is developing according to the “Market Network” model, which means that in order to provide one service for one buyer, the site organizes interaction with several specialists at once.
OQUDA users gain a tenacious digital experience in collaboration with each other on long-term projects and stay online. 
OQUDA is unique in terms of its monetization potential as it combines powerful security and scalability of network effects with profitable SaaS or marketplace models.
The site provides an opportunity for both beginners and experienced market players to offer clients a variety of affordable international programs. Our service is an excellent opportunity to expand the catalog of proposals for promising educational programs and an easy entry into the market. Ultimately, the buyer benefits, as he sees clear pricing and tracks the status of the service in his office, which can last up to 8 months.

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